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Join the Electric Revolution. Embrace the Future of Urban Travel with Stirling Eco

Experience world-class innovation and design from Stirling Eco,  where art meets functionality. We offer exceptional value, performance and fun whilst reducing your carbon footprint.
Make everyday travel exciting with eco-friendly bikes that save on cost and provide zero emissions with every trip.
The UK’s only fully electric motorcycle dealership.

12 month extendable warranty sold with every vehicle for your peace of mind

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Fast Forward to the Future of Urban Travel

Urban travel isn’t just about getting from A to B.

You’re smart, forward-thinking and environmentally conscious — and how you travel should reflect that.

Imagine zipping around the city without leaving a carbon footprint. Picture travelling tens of miles for pennies, not pounds. And then imagine that while saving money and protecting the planet, your vehicle turns heads for all the right reasons.

Stirling Eco bikes make all of this — and more — possible.

We’ve designed electric motorcycles, mopeds and microcars that are anything but ordinary.

Stirling Eco combines innovative, planet-friendly technology with stylish designs to make urban travel fun, affordable and sustainable.

Luxury Transport for an Affordable Price

Travelling in style doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. We’ve made luxury transport accessible, with affordable high-end electric motorcycles that save you money in the long run.

  • Avoid Charges — Our electric fleet is exempt from congestion charges and road tax. Plus, our bikes meet the expanding ULEZ requirements.
  • Cut Back on Costs — Stirling Eco bikes can be charged quickly at home, costing you pennies rather than the pounds you might spend on fuel. Our bikes also fall in the lowest insurance group and don’t need to be taxed, so you can get on the road for less.
  • Competitively Priced — All of our electric motorcycles come with an attractive price tag. We offer exceptional value, making luxury transport accessible for all riders.
Stirling Eco - The future of urban travel
Stirling Eco - Electro Ride

Complete Convenience at Every Turn

  • Two Charging Methods — Charge your bike directly or remove the battery and charge it inside.
  • Twist and Go — Setting off couldn’t be simpler. Use key start or remote start to get going.
  • Safe and Secure — Bikes are safe to ride and secure to park thanks to Stirling Eco’s superior hydraulic brakes and fitted alarm and immobiliser systems.
  • Go the Distance — Travel up to 60km on a single charge or bring a spare battery and swap out to go further.
  • Consistent Comfort for Every Rider — Enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride with suspension and adjustable footrests for riders of all heights.
  • Low Maintenance — Minimal maintenance and a two-year warranty mean you can ride without worrying. We also offer servicing at our London shop.
  • Learner Legal — All you need is a learner’s license and a completed CBT.

Zero-Carbon Travel Has Never Been More Stylish

Stirling Eco bikes bring a new sense of style and energy to city roads, making essential travel exciting.

Our electric motorcycles are carefully designed as contemporary mobility masterpieces, with varying silhouettes and colour options for every rider.

From our futuristic Street Scene motorcycles to our Electrico Ride range inspired by classic designs, we offer innovative electric bikes to suit all styles.

And if you’re looking for a bike that’s completely unique or even a little crazy in appearance, we work with over 100 local artists and our in-house wrapper to create your dream ride with custom designs.

Stirling Eco - Stylish travel

Beat the Rush to Go Electric. Join the Electric Revolution Today

Book a test ride at our London electric motorcycle dealership — the only one of its kind in the UK — or arrange a virtual viewing of our bikes and showroom to learn more. Whenever you’re ready to change the way you travel, we’re here to help